The Kima Advanced Demo App

The Kima Advanced Demo is a reference implementation to help people understand how Kima works.

You will need to have a wallet installed and to have some USDK (Kima's US dollar stablecoin) in your wallet on the testnet you want to use. This page explains how to do this. Remember that you will also need a small amount of the native token for the testnet you are sending funds from so you can pay for gas (for example, you will need Sepolia ETH if you want to send from Etherum's Sepolia testnet).

The demo showcases two different scenarios:

  • payment between different users on different chains. Example: a user has funds on Ethereum but wants to buy an item from an eCommerce store that accepts payments only on Polygon

  • bridge between different chains (transfer to the same address on different chains). Example: a user has funds on Avalanche but wants to add liquidity to a liquidity pool on Ethereum.


The payment implementation allows the user to make a payment to a Polygon address from an address on a testnet of their choice.

Here we have funds available on Ethereum's Sepolia testnet. We click the Connect button to connect our wallet.

We approve the transaction and submit it.

We can watch the transaction complete in real-time, by clicking the transaction ID links to the relevant block explorers.


This demo allows us to send funds to our own wallet address on a network of our choice. Here we are sending USDK from Ethereum's Sepolia testnet to Polygon's Mumbai testnet.

First, we connect our wallet, ensuring we are on the network from which we wish to send funds.

The widget pre-fills the target address field with the same wallet address we are sending from, but this can be changed to a different address if desired.

We approve the transaction in our wallet...

... and then in the next step submit it.

As with the Payment demo, we can watch the transactions complete by clicking the transaction ID links.

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