The Kima Finance SDK

Because the Kima blockchain is a public network, you can interact with it however you see fit. You can choose to become a validator, if you want - see Becoming a Validator for more details - or you can build a variety of applications on top of it.

To make developing on top of Kima simpler, we have created a toolkit - the Kima Finance Software Development Kit (SDK).

We provide:

  • a standalone server that you can run locally and use as middleware that sits between the front end of your dApp and the Kima blockchain, submitting requests and returning the response to the front end

  • a front-end widget with different configuration options that you can easily integrate into your dApp

Of course, the open ethos of Web3 means that you can develop your own solutions from scratch, but we strongly recommend building with both front end and back end components of our SDK so you can leverage the efforts our development team have made on your behalf.


There is an extra step that needs to happen if you are using Kima's tools to transfer to or from Solana wallets. The recipient wallet first needs to be "primed" by sending a small amount of USDK to the wallet before transfers or payments via Kima can take place.

This applies to the testnet only and will not be the case once Kima's mainnet goes live.

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