Try Kima with the Demo App

The Kima demo app serves two purposes:

  • to showcase payments and bridging using Kima

  • to illustrate the look and feel of the Kima front-end widget

You can either choose to connect your own wallet and experience the demo interactively with your own accounts (Kima Advanced Demo), or you can simply opt to try the Kima Light Demo, where you move funds between two accounts under the control of the Kima team and therefore do not need to connect your own wallet.

The Kima Advanced Demo supports the following testnets:

  • Ethereum Sepolia

  • Polygon Mumbai

  • Avalanche Fuji

  • Tron Nile Testnet

  • Optimism (Sepolia)

  • Arbitrum (Sepolia)

  • Binance Smart Chain Testnet (aka BNB Testnet)

  • Solana Devnet

To enable a smooth experience and a 360-degree overview of what is happening, we also provide a faucet and a block explorer.

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