The Kima Light Demo App

The Kima Light Demo is a reference implementation to help people understand how Kima works.

You can experience Kima's functionality directly in your browser, without needing to install or connect a wallet because the Light Demo App has been pre-configured to send funds between two accounts under the control of the Kima team.

The demo showcases two different scenarios:

  • payment between different users on different chains. Example: a user has funds on Ethereum but wants to buy an item from an eCommerce store that accepts payments only on Polygon

  • bridge between different chains (transfer to the same address on different chains). Example: a user has funds on Avalanche but wants to add liquidity to a liquidity pool on Ethereum.

Try the payment demo

You can configure the number of USDK to be sent between addresses, and choose which payee and payer are involved in the transaction.

After clicking the Pay button, you can watch the transaction complete in real-time. Clicking the transaction (TX) IDs shows the transaction details in the relevant block explorer.

In the last screenshot,you can see that the transaction is finalised.

Try the bridge demo

Similarly, the bridging demo (named Transfer in the Light Demo App) moves value between a subset of addresses on different networks. You can configure the number of USDK to be sent between addresses and choose which accounts are used.

Once you have submitted the transaction, you can watch it complete in real-time by clicking the transaction links to the block explorers that are involved.

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