Frontend widgets

There are 2 front end widgets. You can choose which, if any, you’d like to integrate with your dApp’s frontend.

The widgets are implemented in TypeScript and presented as React components.

Transfer widget

The transfer widget is designed to collect the transaction parameters from the user. The developer may choose to pre-provide some of the values, based on the use case.

It also enables the user to provide the ERC20/BEP20/SPL20 Approval necessary to move funds. It allows the user to utilize a wide variety of browser wallets.

Available parameters:

  1. Origin chain

  2. Origin address

  3. Destination chain

  4. Destination address

  5. Token symbol

  6. Token amount

  7. Address of server component

  8. Theme (dark/light)

  9. Font parameters

Status widget

The status widget shows the user the current status of the transfer transaction. It is not strictly necessary for a successful transfer of funds. As the developer, you may choose to implement your own logic and visuals.

Image 3: Status widget in action

Available parameters:

  1. Theme (dark/light)

  2. Font parameters

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