1. Register your interest with Kima - early beta integrators are added one at a time. Later on, beta will be publicly open.

  2. Go to the Demo site at

  3. Go to the Kima faucet tab:

  • If you don’t have Keplr wallet, please install it (supported on Chrome/Chromium-like/Firefox browsers).

  • Once Keplr is installed, create an address, add Kima Test chain

  • Receive some test KIMA tokens

4. Go to the USDK Faucet tab, and get 100 USDK on any of the supported blockchains (you can get 100 more every 10 hours)

5. (optional) Test the 2 transfer scenarios

6. Add the server component to your frontend server:

  • If you already have a REST service, integrate the code (see: …..)

  • You can utilize our demo code as is (see: …..)

  • You can run a Dockerized version of the server (see: …..)

7. Add your private key (from step 3b) as the key that will sign your transactions

8. Add the Kima RPC address (see: …..)

Add the frontend components (see:

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